Illumination of Stained Glass

Shed new light on your stained glass

Our world-class illumination services light up stained glass art found in Catholic parishes, allowing the full brilliance of the colour inside these works of art to be experienced whether it’s a sunny day or the middle of winter.

Each stained glass helps share the Christian faith and establishes the sacred character that separates Catholic parishes from other buildings and places of worship, making the illumination of these pieces an essential part of the restoration process.

We use top quality, low-power consumption Omnisheet LED light panels to provide superior illumination. No shape or size is too complex or big to be restored and illuminated – our light panels are custom made to suit your needs.

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FPDR window design

Restoring stained glass – our speciality!

The restoration of Catholic churches is our passion, and our speciality is the restoration of stained glass art. Our recent projects speak volumes about our dedication and commitment to restoring the heart and soul to parishes.

A Window to the Heavens

Since the Middle Ages, Catholic churches have used the medium of stained glass to share biblical stories which inspire hope and nurture faith. During a time when many who attended Mass were illiterate, these beautiful works of art invited the viewer to deeply contemplate the mysteries of the Faith. Today, stained glass windows continue to illuminate to inspire, and celebrate the beauty of the Gospel. These windows are a view to the heavens and continue today to create the sacred spaces beloved by those who visit and attend Catholic churches.

By choosing to illuminate your stained glass windows, you choose to celebrate centuries old Catholic artistic and spiritual tradition, bringing warmth and light to your sacred spaces by enhancing the brilliance of traditionally loved works of art in your parish.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Custom Colours

    With OmniSheet Chroma, you get 16 million colour combinations in one panel to meet any design requirement.

  • Cut to Scale

    OmniSheet Chroma can be cut into custom sizes, shapes, and curves which allows for making of intricate shapes.

  • Superior Light

    Powered by OmniChip ,OmniSheet Chroma offers superior, consistent light with 70% lower power consumption.



Typical Use-Cases

  • Brand Lighting

    The colour combinations with OmniSheet Chroma make it perfect for integration in brand lighting.

  • Relief Feature

    In showrooms, OmniSheet Chroma can be used as a relief feature to draw attention to something.

  • Mood Lighting

    A popular use-case for OmniSheet Chroma is mood lighting; both in retail and home decor.

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