Keeping Our Parishes Healthy

We have been restoring our Catholic Parishes since 1998 and a great part to the success of restoring is the evacuation of air and the circulation of moisture/destratification.

Passive venting has always been the first step in moving air from the interior to the attic. This has worked and continues to work.

For over 5 years we have been replacing ceiling fans for the turbines that not only circulate air but regulate the temperatures from ceiling to floor levels while the turbines destratify the moisture levels.

The new version of these turbines have evolved into integrating a broad spectrum HE/UV bulb that deters odors, mold and bacteria.

We highly recommend the integration of turbines into parishes, with this new Pure-Air turbine technology we can continue to keep our parishes healthy.


Improve Air Quality with the Airius PureAir EC turbine

This type of turbine is fuel efficient, very quiet and integrated directly into the ceiling.

Turbines placed along the ceiling will work to reduce air moisture and regulate air temperature from 60 feet to the ground by 2 degrees.

Keeping turbines running continuously and only adjusting for summer and winter differences will not only reduce your HVAC costs but also create a cooling effect due to improved air flow.

Turbines also help reduce the amount of particle dust that collects onto ceilings.

The latest technology turbines also reduces odors, mold, viruses and bacteria.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Suitable for high bay, sound-sensitive installations
  • Equalize humidity
  • Reduce ceiling temperature, extend life of lighting
  • Includes broad spectrum HE/UV bulb
  • Destratify/thermally equalize buildings
  • Increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
  • Promotes cool airflow in summer

The difference will be noticeable!

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